Amazon Cares 2017 Valentines Fundraiser

Amazon Employees are the BEST!

By “Noah & Kiera”, your STAF Valentines

A mazon Cares is one of Save the Animals Foundation‘s outstanding Community Partners.  This page is dedicated to them and their phenomenal employees!

NoahKieraAmazon Cares has been a Community Partner for a couple of years now through the AMAZON CARES program.  We created this page specially for their 2017 Valentines Fundraiser.

Noah and Kiera are just two faces of the many, many animals helped by STAF each and every year.

You can help them, and ensure we can help others like them, with your generous donation today.

Your donation is fully tax-deductible!  And you can donate using a credit card or Paypal.

Join your fellow Amazon employees and donate now to support Save the Animals Foundation!