STAF Saved Our Lives!

By “Mara, Munchkin, and Mikey”, Spokescats, and “Howard”, Spokesdog, for STAF’s Membership Program

I f it weren’t for Save the Animals Foundation, we wouldn’t be alive. So we’re saying “Thank You” by helping with STAF’s membership program. Let us tell you our story.

Cat ambassadorsMara, Munchkin, and Mikey are the spokescats for STAF’s Membership program. They were born in a junkyard as their parents, Marie and Martin, were both unaltered and were trying to provide for them among the rubble. The entire family was humanely trapped and brought to safety at STAF. Marie and her kittens are all a bit shy and are learning to trust our volunteers, but daddy Martin is a stately FIV positive guy with a confident attitude. We are so glad we could bring this entire family the care and love they deserve!

Howard is the spokesdog for STAF’s Membership program. We don’t know much about Howard’s first few years of life, but he was found as a stray by a kind family about a year ago. The family tried to provide Howard with a safe, loving home, but one of their other dogs had different plans. The resulting scuffle left Howard a bit wary around other dogs, but that’s ok! Howard LOVES humans, and he is a real cuddle-bug. The volunteers at STAF are working to help him build confidence, providing him with the patience and kindness that he needs to one day find a home of his own.

STAF didn’t give up on us when we were homeless or injured. They try to give every dog and cat medical care when we need it. STAF takes good care of us, but they can’t keep it up without your assistance. STAF relies on membership dues to pay for medicine needed by us and the other shelter residents. Plus, membership to STAF would entitle you to vote at annual and special board meetings for things like board members, constitution amendments, etc. And did you know dues are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law?

We are hoping that you will consider joining the ranks of STAF’s current membership by becoming a member today. Who knows what will be left on STAF’s doorstep tomorrow… You just might save another life!

Membership Benefits:Howard
  • At each membership level, you become a part of the solution; an integral part of the STAF family making it possible for an animal in need to receive our help and care.
  • All levels –
    • entitle the member to annual voting for the shelter’s Board of Directors;
    • receive a membership card to show your commitment to helping animals in need;
    • receive the heartfelt thanks of the entire STAF family.

Your privacy is important! STAF will not release your name & address to other organizations without your consent.

The available membership levels are:
  • Basic- $35 – provides food & shelter for a young cat or dog in our care
  • Patron – $60 – provides basic medical care for a dog or cat coming to the shelter
  • Top Paw – $100 – spays / neuters an animal coming in to the shelter, or yearly vet care of an older resident
  • Life Saver – $250 – provides medical care needed by a rescue case coming to the shelter

To download a pdf document and mail in your membership click here. Thank you!

To become a member using your credit card, use the form below.

Don’t forget! Membership makes a GREAT gift! Give a STAF Membership at any levels. The recipient will receive the membership benefits and a letter acknowledging your gift.

For a GIFT membership, please be sure to include the name of the person/pet, and the name and address of the recipient, in the “Note” field below.