Aiden & Asher

We think both Aiden and Asher are adjusting well. Asher took about a half hour to an hour before he was out exploring his new room. Asher is curious to know what is behind the bedroom door, and he is not afraid to explore. One of Asher’s favorite spots is to climb up on a dresser or bed to look out the window. Aiden surprised us a little because he hid under a bed for the first day and a half, only coming out if everything was very quiet. Asher has helped him adjust and come explore a little as well.

Asher likes to wrestle with Aiden, especially in the evening. Aiden is becoming more comfortable each day but seems to have no interest in leaving their room. Aiden’s favorite spot seems to be next to one of the beds under a blanket.

We are very happy to have them home. The whole family enjoys visiting and can’t wait until we can allow them out into more of the house.