Astro & Comet (now Binnie & Pochi)

“I thought an update about Astro and Comet might be appreciated. They are now named Binnie and Pochi, respectively, and remain quite precocious and silly. One of their favorite things to do is knock something over and then look at you as if they can’t possibly understand why a mess resulted. Attached is a picture of the two cuddling. They’re also quite the cuddlers with us!

“I also included a picture of our whole gang. In the center is our one non-STAF cat, our 17-yr old, Raiden. Around him are Binnie (Astro), Mae (Cookie), Pochi (Comet), and Oliver (Bart). They’re all doing very well, and we remain grateful we were able to add them to our family thanks to the work STAF does.”

Binnie & Pochi