Astro & Comet (now Binnie & Pochi)

Wonderful update on Astro & Comet (now Binnie and Pochi):

“Astro and Comet, now Binnie and Pochi respectively, are both doing very well! No issues whatsoever getting settled in. Their home base is in the guest bedroom and we’re slowly acclimating then to the other rooms in the house to make sure each room is suitably kitten-proofed. They’ve also met the other cats. They’re very curious about everything and constantly finding ways to outsmart us when we think we’ve anticipated everything they might get into it. Needless to say, they’re a handful but in the best possible way – they make us laugh constantly. Attached are a few pictures, though they don’t stay still for photoshoots for very long!”

Astro & Comet