Barley & Dazzle

Barley & Dazzle’s family shared this great update:

“Both girls have been extremely affectionate and even slept on me again last night. Dazzle has shocked us the most in such a good way. She hasn’t been shy at all and on top of being a bundle of fun & energy, has been super snuggly. Dazzle has been so affectionate that the last two nights I’ve woken up with a cat on my face! Barley loves to lay on our legs/laps during the day and night for some extra loving time. They both are purring machines and have even started meowing (talking) more.

“We’ve officially introduced the kittens to their other kin. It went amazingly! They have all taken to each other quite well, as you can see in the picture (p.s. Dazzle was there, but off camera). They play, sleep, and eat together. It’s honestly so precious!”