Hazel, Jasmine, & Dorito (now Hazel, Tuck, & Wren)

Hazel-Jasmine-DoritoWe received this wonderful update from Hazel, Jasmine, and Dorito’s family (now known as Hazel, Tuck, and Wren):

“They celebrated their one year anniversary this month! Everyone is doing great and they have all grown so much. Tuck is 12 pounds and the girls are both 9 pounds. They love their house and their doggie brother, Jack (13-year-old lab). Hazel is a cuddle bug and snuggles with everyone in the house. Wren is very smart and likes to watch nature programs on TV. She also collects toys and hides them. Tuck is a big fan of toy mice and usually has one within reach at all times. They are all extremely spoiled and I am so happy they are here. I have attached some pictures. Thanks for checking on them!”

Hazel-Jasmine-Dorito Hazel-Jasmine-Dorito