Jem & Iris

We can’t believe it’s been a year already! Things have definitely changed over here in our household. We all packed up our things and moved to Chicago in December so we have been living here since and I think the cats are natural big-city kitties. They love it.

Jem gets more and more comfortable every day and is the cutest little love bug (when he wants to be). It’s incredible to think how when we brought him home, he hid behind the couch for three days and now he will openly lay out and (usually) let us pet him. He is also 100% a daddy’s boy. They are best buds.

Iris is a sweet angel and also an angsty teenager and definitely a mama’s girl. She never leaves my side and is the neediest little thing. I absolutely love it. She is always comfortable being out and about and is too curious for her own good.

Jem and Iris are seriously so amazing, and we are absolutely obsessed with them. Thank you for providing us with our fur babies!