Kieran’s family sent us this awesome update:

“Kieran is a wonderful dog. He loves going to Fido Field and sticking his head out of a car window! He is 100% an attention hound and loves to sing/howl at us when he is bored. He has no sense of how big he is–his favorite seat in the house is right on my lap with our faces an inch apart. His favorite toy right now is his ball and his stuffed hedgehog. His favorite thing to do during meal times is to pick up his bowl of food, and dump it on the ground. He has improved so much on walks! He has learned to walk instead of tug. He is a tolerant, sweet, loving boy. We can’t imagine our life without him.

“When he goes to the dog park, he is running around, playing, and sniffing every corner. He is even learning how to fetch and bring the ball back! When we first got him, he did not know his name and would not respond to it. Now he comes when he is called and listens to us when we say ‘no’.”