We received this great update from Lucia’s family (she’s now known as Lucy):

“I had been thinking about sending you the attached photo so Lucy could show you what she’s thankful for this year – a warm, cushy bed! She’s the last to get up in the morning. We’re all good – still taking daily walks. She has all the squirrels in the neighborhood on notice that she is keeping track of them and says hello to all dogs on the street when we walk by their house. She and Worf continue to get along fine. She tries to get him to play occasionally, but he prefers to bark at her while she chases the ball (he delegates well). She sleeps cuddled up to her dad – I think it makes her feel safe. She also knows that he’s the one who feeds her in the morning so good to keep track of him. We love her – so glad she’s part of our family!”