Marshmallow (now Peaches), Archer (now Manny), and Timber (now Sid)

“We actually have three siblings, Sid (formerly Timber; the name Blaze didn’t last), Manny (formerly Archer), and Peaches (formerly Marshmallow). The names are characters from the Ice Age animated movies. They are doing great; we love them! They are a true joy and so much entertainment. Peaches is by far the smallest, smartest, and loudest of the three. She has a Siamese meow that she enjoys using to her best advantage. She is the most food motivated. Jeff hides treats in the morning and she puts the boys to shame in locating them. I also have food puzzles to challenge them.

“Manny is very laid back and loves everybody. He is in the middle as far as size and meow volume. Manny is always ready for a snuggle. Sid is the largest and has an itty bitty meow that he uses infrequently. He doesn’t need to speak much; Manny and Peaches pretty much cover everything for him. Sid tries to act like he’s above snuggling but enjoys petting, plus a nap on both our laps. Jeff has a blast playing with the laser light or fishing pole type of toys. All three are healthy, happy, and thriving.”