I’d say Picasso (or Patch, or Patches, as we like to call him), has settled in quite well. His room is the girls’ playroom on our main level. We can keep that door closed to separate our dog from him. We’ve begun introductions with our dog, Clarence. Clarence appears quite willing to meet Picasso, but Picasso isn’t quite ready. I know this process can take a while so we’ll try to make incremental progress each day.

Picasso was doing so well adjusting that we let him explore the rest of the house when the dog is out of the house. He’s now been in every room and seems to like sitting on the stairs where he can see the foot traffic. We also now know that he can jump as he’s getting comfortable on a few of the chairs and the sofa.

Picasso is as affectionate as you all told us. He just loves sitting on laps and lying on the carpet while getting a good belly rub. He found the sunny spots today to get a little extra heat. Picasso is quite happy and loved.