Rue’s home sent us this great update:

“I wanted to provide an update on Rue since it’s a little over a year ago she went home with me. I just LOVE her to pieces and she’s doing really well. I was hoping that she’d be a wonderful companion to my other cat who lost his best kitty buddy, but that didn’t happen like I’d hoped, unfortunately. Even though they’re not best buds, I do think they both find comfort in knowing the other one is there with them. They’ll play together every now and again (I don’t think Rue was too used to that before she came to STAF).

“Also, Rue is VERY laid back and sometimes I really have to rouse her to get her moving around and playing. One of her favorite things to do, believe it or not, is watching TV. I found lots of mice and weasel videos on YouTube that she just adores. She is definitely one chill cat who fits in nicely at home. One very sweet thing she does that I just love is when I’m relaxing she climbs up on my chest and snuggles by my neck. She does this when she wants some good petting and scratching and this has sort of become our bonding time. She really is a very sweet girl who I just adore to pieces!”

Rue  Rue