Rue is doing fabulously. She is my sweet baby girl and already feels like she’s been with us forever. She’s a pretty chill cat, doesn’t get into a whole lot of trouble, and really doesn’t even go looking for it. She and my other cat are getting along pretty well. They play together frequently, and she’ll let him groom her at times (when she feels it’s appropriate – she’s such a diva that way – it’s got to be on her own terms!).

She’s been doing the cutest thing lately where she’ll crawl up on my chest and plop on my shoulder/neck area when she wants some extra kitty love. That’s when we have our special bonding time. She just started doing that on her own so it appears she’s settling in well and trusting me to take care of her.

You’ll notice in the pics that she still sticks her tongue out all the time. I just love that!