“We could not be happier with our little hell raiser S’mores! She has fit into our family perfectly! She is completely her own and marches to the beat of her own drum. We have made great strides in her letting us pet her belly, we can almost get 5 full strokes in before she playfully attacks our hands (one of her favorite games is to tempt us with her belly)!

“S’mores has become incredibly playful with both of us, as well as our son Atlas the pit bull. In all honesty, he is her favorite family member. She very routinely cuddles him, tries to play with him, and most importantly keeps him in his place when they both want food (she gets hers first)! In true cat fashion, S’mores will sleep most of the day and cause ruckus all night long. By the time we wake up we understand no sock, ring, or carpet is safe and will be taken somewhere else.

“Thank you again for working with us and providing our sweet daughter with a loving home until we could find her! As you can see in the pictures below she is home! All three of us adore her and she is settling in wonderfully, although she breaks my heart when she cuddles everyone but me — we are working on it slowly! Now I will start the morning hunt of everything she played with while we slept.”

S’mores & Atlas S’mores

S’mores S’mores & Atlas