Spot’s family sent us this great update:

Spot“I love to talk about Spot! He’s such a good boy and he and Dior (I adopted 2 years ago) get along perfectly, I couldn’t have dreamed of a better fit. They take up half my bed at night and sleep there the whole night. They love to play together and hang out all day watching birds or snoozing on a couch. Spot is a funny cat, he’s laid back but has a lot of personality. He loves belly rubs and having his chin scratched. Sometimes he gets so into it he rolls over and falls off the bed/couch.Spot

“I’m working from home right now and whenever I get up from my desk chair, Spot immediately steals it! He also loves to play with toys, especially ones that he can hold and wrestle with. He is great in the home environment, just like Dior he doesn’t chew anything or scratch anything except the scratching posts. Basically the two of them are just perfect cats and I still can’t believe just how lucky I got with them! They went to the vet last week and they’re both in good health, too.”