Toy is now named Rory. Rory is adjusting amazingly well. When I first brought him home, he spent time checking out the new place but within an hour was sprawled out on the carpet (he loves that carpet), sitting on the couch next to me, or in his new favorite spot, sitting next to the TV looking out the window. As you can tell, he seems very comfortable. I can’t wait to see how much he’s going to enjoy the double set of patio doors I have going out to my deck with a view of the woods and golf course beyond.

He has found a few hiding places – behind the couch and in this tiny space between a cabinet and the wall where I think he thinks he can’t be seen but the tail is a dead giveaway! No matter where he is, as soon as I come in the room he’s out of hiding. When I sit at my desk, he usually rests right behind my chair so I have to be careful not to roll over him! A friend of mine was over yesterday and brought him some toys which he played with briefly. Most importantly, he let her pet him for a little bit.

When I leave the room, he gives me the most forlorn little look and one evening he tried to follow me out the door. Needless to say, I don’t think it will be long before he has the whole house to explore.

Please thank all of the wonderful STAF volunteers who helped Rory become the sweet adorable guy that he is. We are both very lucky.