Vail & Aspen

Rescued from a hoarding situation these kittens went directly to the vet for emergency medical care upon arrival to STAF. Just look how they have thrived!

Rescued from a hoarding situation last fall, Vail and Aspen were extremely sick kittens and went directly to our vet for emergency medical care. They were both touch and go for quite some time and then went immediately to a foster home for the one-on-one care they needed to survive and thrive. And boy did they thrive!!

Adopted together in January by a wonderful, long-time volunteer, these bonded brothers are having the time of their lives – which apparently includes a little napping! We were thrilled to receive this picture and an update on the boys. Named after fictional characters, they are now affectionately called Master Shake (Aspen) and Dr. Wily (Vail). We just call them happy!