Click each photo below for an update from each animal’s forever family!

"We can't imagine life without her in our home." That statement means Jewels extended stay with us was worth the wait! Jewel was made for this family. She checks in on each family member before we go to bed and is very patient with her new brothers.
Penny & Bean
Penny was adopted a few years ago. Penny (the dilute torti) and her new friend Bean love to snuggle up. Everyone needs a buddy and we are happy these two found each other.
STAF alum Buddy, also known as a little Chi with a big attitude:), is living the life with STAF Monday night volunteer, Lori. Buddy was adopted over 5 years ago and he's pretty darn happy!
Maxi seems to be settling in well! We are excited to hear that she is curious and seems like she is getting more comfortable exploring every day!
Watson's become the social butterfly in his new home and has never met another dog or human he didn't like...cats and squirrels are a different story! He now gets to enjoy walks in the park followed by a nice snooze on the couch. His mom tells us she couldn't imagine life without this sweet boy and we know Watson feels the exact same way!
Chestnut is such a loving, snuggly, playful kitty. Looks like she has found a great home!
This gorgeous boy was not always so photogenic. His new family has worked hard to get him back to tip top shape and it truly shows! We love to see them shine so bright when their family figures out just want they need to make them their best!
In addition to winning the heart of her new doggy sister we are happy to hear that Joelly and her new human sister are becoming the best of friends. Her family reports that she is the perfect cat for them and that is exactly what we like to hear!
Diggle is currently working on learning his basic commands. The same eager to greet dog he was at the shelter, Diggle still loves to give kisses! We are happy to hear he has stolen the show in his new home.
His new mom tells us Verde loves to meet new people. He also isn't shy about asking for attentions or treats and likes to be pretty vocal when he needs them! Glad to hear Verde has finally found his voice out of the shelter!
Kalen & Boden
These pups know how to relax the right way. Both former STAF residents, Kalen and Boden have clearly formed a very special bond!
Patsy is clearing quite the snuggler with her new mom. Her new life includes lots of belly rubs, meowing for attention in the morning, sitting on the sofa and watching birds out the window. We love to see our cats matched up with the perfect home!