Click each photo below for an update from each animal’s forever family!

Shown with his new lady friend Piper. We hear "he is the best dog every" and we are happy to agree. To many more sunny afternoons with friends Finnie!
Zeke news life includes big mountains and west coast adventures! His family reports that he is a great passenger and they have even made him a bench for the back seat so he can lay his head on the console and see where they are headed!
Lillie is doing great eating drinking rolling over for belly rub's purring and enjoying all the love she can soak up from her new mom. This 7 year old three legged girl has come a long way since we rescued her from rural Ohio 5 years ago with a gunshot wound that resulted in the loss of her leg.
His new family reports that "Bones LOVES his sister Lily:). They always think they may be able to get just little closer.". Looks like a match made in heaven and we couldn't be happier!
"She's more of a furniture dog" is what her new family says about Meera. A picture says it best! Glad to see her in the lap of luxury.
Aphrodite is loving her new life and getting to know her new furry brothers and sisters. Her mom tells us she is very curious about the tv. Happy to hear she is learning how to unwind!
Bailey's new family says she is a dog about town! She gets to go on road trips, camping trips and always comes with her family to the dog friendly breweries and restaurants around town. We can't wait to hear about her next adventure!
Mr. McGiblets
Mr. McGiblets is living a very happy life! We hear he is a big fan of snuggling and always rolls on his belly for a scratch when you enter the room. Here's to more FIV+ cats going to good homes!
Buckeye is doing great in his new home! His new family told us he has settled into the house routine nicely and is best buddies with his canine brother!
Wendy has loads of love and energy to give her new home. We are happy to hear she is super playful especially with strings, mice, and her water bowl.
His new home says it the best! "Have you ever seen a dog smile? That's our Ralph. With the pep in his step while on a walk, to the sounds of comfort while finding just the right spot on the dog bed, to the goofy crazy runs around the yard. Ralph had our hearts from the start!"
Polly likes to try out all the dogs beds in her new house. Her new brother doesn't seem to mind very much thank goodness!