Sponsor Sunflower, Stormy, Boston, or any of the nearly 500 dogs and cats without sponsors at Save The Animals Foundation No-kill Shelter and you will make their summer (and their future) even brighter!  Not to mention how good you will feel too!  Your generosity will provide food and medical care for your special animal and in return you’ll receive pictures, updates, and open house invitations to meet your sponsored baby!

Be a Sponsor Now!  Please note – to direct your donation to a specific animal, select your amount, and click Donate. On the next screen, there will be a box toward the top of the screen that says “Your Donation”. At the bottom of this box is a link that says “Dedicate my donation to someone”. Click the link and enter the name of the animal you wish to sponsor in the box.

Help us spread the word – With your help, STAF dogs and cats are looking forward to a bright summer! The dogs and cats are featured in their summer picture frames on our Facebook page. Click here to see them and please share with your friends!  Our animals thank you!


My name is Sunflower and I’m not even a year old yet! I live in the kitten room at STAF, love to cuddle and play, and I’m told I’m a very unique Blue Tortoiseshell. But for some reason, my forever family just hasn’t come along yet. I could really use a sponsor to help take care of me while I wait. How about it?  Will you be my sponsor?


Hi there! My name is Boston, and as you can see, I am a stunningly handsome St. Bernard mix. I am about 6 years old and 94 pounds, but in the spirit of our Summer Sponsorship Drive, I thought you’d like to see how well I enjoy relaxing in the yard. Even though I am the nicest guy in the world, I haven’t found my family yet. Would you like to be my sponsor until they come along?


I’m Summer, the spunkiest “little old lady” in the shelter! I’m turning 14 this year and even though I have a 6-pound body, I have a 50-pound personality! I definitely like to be in charge, but I’m the most loyal friend you could hope for. In all these years, I’ve never had a sponsor, so I hope you’ll help turn my luck around this summer!  Will you be my sponsor?


HEY! Wanna play?! I’m Dougie, and I’m new to this place. I came here when my owner had an accident and could no longer care for me. But hey, don’t feel sorry for me — I don’t!  Spring is here, the sun is shining, the pool is open, the other dogs here are cool, and the volunteers are fun. Life is good! The only thing I’m missing is a sponsorship. Can you help me out? And hey, ya wanna play?!



My name is Stormy, named for my blue-gray fur, just the color of a good summer storm! I love people, love to talk, love to have my back scratched, and love to give kisses! As you can guess, I’m a very loving girl! I’m 9 years old and have never had a sponsor in all that time. I’d love for you to be my very own best friend and first ever sponsor. How about it?


I know, I know…I’m pretty cute, huh? Everyone tells me I ought to be in the movies. I’m smart as Benji and even do my own stunts — like scaling a chain link fence!  My previous human of three years wasn’t too keen on that one. I’ll never forget what she said when she brought me here: “He is a very nice dog, but I can tell he does not want to be with us.” It’s true that her job and two young boys left little time for me…and I am not the kind of dog to wait contentedly in the wings. So off I went in search of the spotlight! Now I’m looking for an agent to get my career off the ground, but I’d settle for a sponsor. Even better, a family that sees me as the shining star I am meant to be!



Hey there! Looking for a best friend to brighten your day? How about me? I’m Sunspot, named for my bright orange coat, like a summer sunset. I’m heading into my golden years and I could really use a sponsor to help me out along the way.  If it’s you, I promise to show all my love and appreciation with a giant pppuuurrrr whenever you stop in to see me!


Hi there! I’m Roscoe, and I’m just about a year old. If we were to determine our age by the seasons, I’m a Spring Chicken! I love one, I love all — I have no preference. In fact, I am such a playful character that I go to daycare twice a week to meet new friends, but I’d rather find my own special family to play with. Will you sponsor me until I find them?

Admiral NimitzAdmiral Nimitz

There must be a history buff out there who knows who I’m named after! I came to STAF a few years ago, on Memorial Day. As you can see, I’ve got quite a few “war wounds” from my years on the street, but I’m living the good life now! Since I have FIV, I’m likely to make the shelter my lifetime home, and the wonderful volunteers my family. That’s all great because they take wonderful care of me. But I could really use a sponsor, too, to help make sure I always have everything I need and be my very own special pal. What do you say? How about helping out an old war horse like me?


Hey everyone! I’m Schatzi! I am the best girl on leash. In fact, I am so good that I get to go on walks where I can smell the flowers and roll in the grass! I am just a little flower, myself…always blooming and happy to play in a yard whenever I get the chance. I recently was given a spa-day and now I have a pretty new collar and leash. Won’t you be my sponsor until I find my own yard to play in? Won’t you be my sponsor until I find my own yard to play in?