We want to thank you so much for your help this year in supporting the STAF Medical Fund. Here are some of things we’re most proud of, and hope you are as well. Remember to keep up with all our new cases under the Recent Rescues tab here on our website.



Tripper came to STAF in the summer of 2013 from a hoarding situation. He lived 7 years without ever having been to a vet, been in a car, or having any flea prevention. His skin, eyes, and teeth showed the wear and tear his body had endured. He even D-Tripper-athome1had trouble walking because his nails were so overgrown. But his spirit was all smiles. He loved everyone and everything, and very much wanted to be part of a family.

After several months of quality food, medication, vet care, and bathing, Tripper was finally ready to see and be seen. The perfect family fell in love with this very special boy earlier this year, and he’s living the good, and healthy, life in his forever home!


Fred found himself in a county shelter and due to be euthanized when the older man who had cared for him since he was a kitten passed away. Fred was 10 years old, severely matted, had no front claws, had a heart condition, and had never lived with anyone else. It appeared all the odds were against him and he was terrified.

We took him in before his number was up, and it was certainly our gain! Fred is the sweetest boy! Once we had him groomed, we realized how beautiful his long white coat is. He takes his heart medication like a champ, and loves to talk and cuddle. We’re so lucky to have him as part of our family.



Our beautiful Maja was to be put to sleep because of an unmanaged skin condition. It took a little time and patience, but she’s doing great and living with a family who loves her to her core!

If you’d like to continue to help these animals and so many others that need STAF’s help, your donation to the Medical Fund is greatly appreciated.



C-Paloma-n-BFFs02Princess Paloma

The princess came to us this past summer, the victim of cruelty. At only 6 months old, she had been stepped on and shot. With the help of the Medical Fund, we were able to get Paloma the surgery she needed to remove the slug and take the pressure off her spine. While she’ll never be able to walk, she does pull herself around with her front legs and doesn’t seem to notice she’s all that different from other cats. She loves to play and spend her days basking in the sun with her BFFs, Justina and Phoebe!


Chex came to us from a county shelter as a four month old puppy with Parvovirus. He needed significant medical care, but it paid off – this wonderful pup is now in a wonderful home!




Zoe had been at a county shelter, inching up to the top of the euthanasia list 3 times. She must have had a guardian angel because her time was delayed every time! She came to STAF in rough shape, having been bred many times. The vet determined in addition to being malnourished, Zoe also had a heart condition. Fortunately, with vet care and medication, her condition is well-managed, and Zoe is now living with a family who sees her as “all heart”!


If you’d like to continue to help these animals and so many others that need STAF’s help, your donation to the Medical Fund is greatly appreciatedThank you!