Can you share $5 or $10 each month to personally help one of our special residents? A STAF Pet Sponsorship lets you make a difference in a furry life.


How about sponsoring me?

Do you know someone who loves animals but is unable to have a pet right now? A STAF Pet Sponsorship makes a wonderful gift!

As a friend of STAF, you can take pride in the care that is given to all of our animals! As a Pet Sponsor, you can help us cover the care and expenses of your favorite resident(s). It’s easy! All you have to do is:

  • Pick out your special friend(s) – this is the hardest part!
  • Fill out a sponsor form
  • Mail it back to STAF or use our on-line option below

STAF will send you:

  • A card and photo from your chosen cat or dog
  • A receipt for tax purposes
  • And we’ll post your name on his or her room or run!

Or me?


This is a GREAT WAY to get personally involved in some of the special lives we care for at STAF!

To sponsor a pet, use the form below. Don’t forget to change the frequency to MONTHLY!

To download a document and mail in your pet sponsorship click here.



If this is a Gift sponsorship, please be sure to include the name and address of the recipient in the NOTE field below. 

Thank you!