We are once again so very thankful to STAF volunteer, Marianne, for all the TNR work she is doing in our community. She had been helping a family spay & neuter their 12 cats in Kentucky and had been working with a family who were not able to care for momma Molly, and her three manx kittens, Milo, Murphy, and Mia.

It has not been easy for Marianne to get momma healthy and strong so she can help get these little ones healthy and thriving. Marianne is currently fostering this adorable family and they will all come to STAF as soon as they are finished with all their protocols. Thank you, Marianne, for always being a part of the solution to help in any way you can!


He came to STAF with the name of Skitty, but he should be named “Sweety” or “Silly” since he is so grateful to make our acquaintance; he is now at the front of his cage rolling and waiting for belly rubs.

We were contacted for help to accept this magnificent tabby FIV+ boy since his owner was moving to an apartment that would not accept animals. We were told that she could not find placement due to his FIV status and, “that he loves cats, but is shy around people”. With his preliminary test accurately proving he is FIV positive, perhaps his adorable and friendly personality suggests that we were misinformed about his “shy” personality. This guy will surely melt your heart!


Once again, a STAF volunteer was off to the rescue as she was contacted by a woman letting her know that a “beaten up” cat had shown up at the woman’s house. As soon as the volunteer could get to Bob, she trapped him and took him to the vet right away.

All of Bob’s battle wounds were treated, he was neutered, and he was brought to safety. This handsome grey and white boy surely tested FIV positive (to be expected) by the fact that he was truly out fighting for territory and food. He is still a bit shy while he is getting to know his new surroundings, but pretty soon, the only thing he will be “fighting for” is who’s lap he will sit in!


From our FIV waiting list, no waiting was needed in order to determine that Wade is a fabulous orange man! Wade was a transfer from a rural county shelter in Kentucky and we were told that he is sweet, loves petting, attention, and belly rubs, which so far has proven true.

Wade is making fast friends at the shelter, and one of our volunteers has already fallen head-over-heels for this guy!


We were told that Jez was in danger of being euthanized due to her age and bloodwork, as a part of our Rising Sun rescue mission. We were also told that Jez is Dobbie’s sister, but realizing there is an age difference of several years, we are not sure if they are in fact distant cousins rather than brother and sister.

The only thing we can say for certain is that she is beautiful, sweet, front-declawed, and will always have a home!


Maya was rescued from Rising Sun, thinking she and her little family would go directly into a foster home. Sadly, she came with only one kitten that did not survive and, realizing that Maya is just a kitten herself (9 months old), it is not a wonder she was not prepared for motherhood.

Maya is receiving her protocols in the Vet Room and she needs lots of encouragement to come to the front of her cage. Once she is there, she rolls over for belly rubs and realizes she doesn’t know a stranger. How scary for her first year of life and how wonderful to know that she has nothing but a bright future ahead!


They don’t come any cuter or sweeter than Sissy. It appears she is looking for anyone to top her adorable self! As she walked right into a volunteer’s garage trying to find food and shelter, she found herself being rescued and brought to safety.

We are so glad this little darling is not out wandering the streets as the only thing she should be looking for is all the love she has already found!


Currently staying in our vet room at STAF, Chicago is definitely feeling more comfortable with gentle talks and visits, but she is still pretty unpredictable and we are still getting to know her. Who can blame her since she was left in a carrier at our front door with no note, in the cold and rain.

We know as soon as Chicago meets all our STAF volunteers, she will realize she can trust us, and there will be no reason for her unpredictability. It will be sunny, blue skies ahead for our green-eyed, grey girl!


She surely doesn’t come in “eighth”, as she is first for beauty and sweetness. Octavia is another lucky lady rescued from Rising Sun.

We want to let Octavia know that, while we appreciate her shy demeanor, she can feel confident knowing that she will always have a safe place to live and that making biscuits is definitely a respectable career!


It seemed that Macie was surely praying she would be rescued as she was hanging around a church asking for help. She was brought to STAF and, unbeknownst to us, she was in dire straights and could have been in grave danger had she not been rescued.

After only one day with us, Macie was having some bleeding issues and was rushed to the vet. It turned out that she was pregnant and the babies had died in utero. Our precious girl was hospitalized and monitored until she was able to come back to us at STAF. Surely, another life saved and prayers answered!


His name should really be “Chunk” since he is hardly as small as a “Chip“. This guy came from the same rescue as our very own Truffles, and we were asked to help due to his positive test for FIV. They bathed him to get as much of the oil and flea dirt off him and although he looks like a guy that was out scrapping with the boys, he is the sweetest, most gentle giant in the world.

Recently neutered, our big Tom will soon attract us humans instead of all his previous girlfriends. He must have been hanging around a garage, as evidenced by the oil spots in his fur, so if you are short on conversation with Chip, you can surely get some advice about keeping your car in tip top shape!


As a symbol of purity and love, it is not surprising that Jasmine’s beauty can be compared to a lovely flower.

Another rescue from Rising Sun, our shy girl will be receiving lots of welcoming and encouragement from our volunteers so she knows everyone recognizes why she is so special to us!


There was not an extra Dot of space or any Spot where these two sweet FIV+ kitties could stay as a part of the Rising Sun rescue.

Realizing the probability was low, we accepted this pair knowing we can positively give them a forever home!


As a part of one of our Rising Sun rescue missions, we took momma, Isabelle, and her four nursing, 2-week-old kittens, Crosley, Atlas, Mara, and Leia. Momma was extremely scared and protective of her babies, but little did she realize that she and her kittens were headed for a foster life of love and fun in a volunteer’s loving home.

It surely did not take long for momma to realize they had made it to safety, and with the volunteer’s family waiting in the wings to offer their care, everyone was on board with their new little family for temporary care. Momma and babies have their very own space to share peace and quiet, warmth, delicious food, cuddles, snuggles, romps, and playtime.

The babies are feeling so connected to the children and are learning that humans are safe and fun to be with. These feelings of trust and love will surely serve our momma and babies well, since after they are finished with their vaccine protocols, have been tested for FIV/FeLV, and have been spayed and neutered, they will make their way to STAF so they can be shown for a permanent forever home.


If you are looking for a sure bet, you can count on the fact that Bridgette will win your heart! At age 10 and front-declawed, our pleasingly plump black beauty came from our friends at Rising Sun.

Bridgette was one of 9 cats brought in as a part of our rescue mission to help the small shelter in Rising Sun, trying to save over 100 cats from a hoarding situation. She is grateful to make your acquaintance and will be very excited to see you. She may even give you a love nip!


If you want to meet a sweetie, you have to meet Sally! Our beautiful grey, tabby striped girl was found as a stray in a rural town and having tested positive for FIV, her rescuer was not able to keep her.

Sally went directly to the animal hospital, and after her URI symptoms were stabilized, she was able to be transported to STAF. Unfortunately, she was hospitalized soon after arriving, and is still recovering in the Vet Room. Volunteers are stopping by to let her know that there is lots of fun to be had after recovery!


Our new boy Oliver, a handsome black and white Manx was rescued from the streets of Montgomery. He was hanging around looking for food and after he was brought to the vet to check for a microchip, then all the neighbors were conferred, it was determined that he was an abandoned kitty without a home.

With his good looks, charming black freckle on his pink nose, and exotic Manx breed, surely Oliver will find a home to call his own. In the meantime, we are thrilled to have him with us and he will never be short on friends at STAF!


Oh my gosh! What is more delectably delicious than a tabby named Truffles? This sweet 9-month-old kitten was rescued by LINK Rescue in Somerset, Kentucky, as she was hit by a car. After their vet provided the necessary emergency care, they learned that she was FeLV positive (feline leukemia virus) and were not able to keep her.

Since we accepted our boy Pilgrim (Room 22) from the same rescue, we were guaranteed another incredible, sweet, and darling tabby. Sure enough, this precious girl will melt your heart faster than a piece of chocolate melts in your mouth! She just got her cast off, is on the mend, and is accepting visitors and lots of love.


You don’t have to go all the way to Indiana’s Rising Sun to place a bet on who could win the cutest kitten photo contest. A huge thank you to our volunteers who responded to the needs of this little family, by opening their loving homes to co-foster this litter.

Joey, JB, Rosie, Andy, and Pete are their names, and surely, playing and cuteness is their game!


Judy, Gryffin, and Dobbie, are surely among the lucky ones arriving at STAF from the Rising Sun, Indiana, shelter. We were contacted by the Animal Control Officer, who has been working tirelessly to rescue 75 cats from a local hoarding situation. The rural shelter has very little space and even less in terms of resources, and we are trying to help as many as we can.

We said we would take the most compromised and those that were in the greatest need. We were told that Judy was FeLV positive (feline leukemia virus), but fortunately, her first test with us showed she was negative. We are sure hoping for the same test results at the end of her protocols. Gryffin is suffering from some eye issues and upon preliminary results, may need to see the eye doctor. Dobbie is an old guy (age 15) that definitely needs a soft pillow on which to lay his head, along with the necessary protocols to cure his severe mouth and URI issues. We are so glad we could save these kitties, and we know they will thrive given the protocols they need to gain health, along with the love and care they are receiving with us!


Oh boy! You don’t have to be a vegetarian to LOVE Tofu. This adorable kitten (about 10 months old) is the sweetest, most loving little torti ever! She has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), whereby, she does not have control of her motor skills.

Tofu came to us from a kind woman who rescued her in Georgetown, Kentucky, and was no longer able to provide for her special needs. Knowing that STAF is well-versed in providing for those that need us most, our amazing Care Corps team is already working on ways to get her as mobile as possible. A yoga mat is involved for stability purposes, but there are not too many fancy moves in Tofu’s repertoire since she is not as well balanced as others.


You don’t have to go into outer space to meet one of the sweetest and most beautiful girls on the planet. Our beautiful long-haired, black fuzz-muffin, Venus, was being fed by a kind lady in her neighborhood for the past 6 years or so. After realizing Venus was looking thin and possibly having mouth issues, she reached out for help.

Sure enough, Venus needed us, as her first vet visit proved. She indeed has mouth issues, a severe bronchial pattern, and much to our surprise, she tested positive for FeLV (feline leukemia virus). As soon as we get her medical issues in order, she will always have a place with us. 


Our most recent rescue, Toby, has sure proven that he is a survivor, as he came to us from a KY County shelter. He is FIV+ and was dropped off by a man who found him living among raccoons in a storm drain. He has such devastating dental disease we don’t know how he was even able to eat. Poor little guy, we cannot even imagine the stories Toby could share.

Animals exhibit an amazing resilience, and Toby is no exception. He is now happy to lay his head on a soft pillow and no longer have to fend for himself. We are addressing all of his medical and dental issues and we know he will be in tip top shape in no time. In the meantime, we are showering him with our special brand of TLC. We dream of the day that Toby will be lounging in his forever home, having long forgotten about his days in that storm drain.


A couple showed up at the door with their “friendly cat”, advising that they were being evicted and could not keep it. Although they were uncertain if it was a boy or a girl, we were certain that we would help.

Willow was extremely terrified and basically seemed untouchable and unapproachable. She was taken to our vet for her new cat exam. Knowing that she was not adjusting well and was not eating a thing we were trying, we asked for the helping hands and healing touches of our Care Corps team. With Care Corps trying every known trick in the book – lots of soft words of encouragement and a huge variety of treats, we are finally seeing this beautiful girl turn the corner. She is high on the list for needing socialization, and our volunteers are going the extra mile to make Willow feel at home.


With a name like Snickerdoodle, no wonder she is irresistible! This incredible buff girl is truly like the sweetest, most delectable, delicious cookie in the batch!

We can’t wait to get to know Snickerdoodle better while we share with her our special brand of TLC. 


All told, there were 50 cats on the euthanasia list at a rural county shelter. Many shelters were notified and were asked to take two (if possible). With our dog shelter manager headed to that area to rescue some dogs, we told her that we would gladly take our two cats. When she arrived, there was a third guy that she did not want to leave behind, and of course, we could not say no.

All three kitties arrived looking like they were in great need of help. With visits to the vet, medical protocols, nutritious food, and lots of love from our volunteers, Celeste, Hannah, and Panda are all in a safe place with us! We sure were happy to learn that Hannah was traveling solo without any kittens, as we were just certain there were some babies in her round belly!


We knew the moment would be coming soon when our proud momma, Inanna, was going to give birth. In immediate need of a foster home, one of our volunteers opened her loving home (once again) to provide a wonderful place for Inanna to deliver. Sure enough, our beautiful momma gave birth to Imani, Isaac, and Ira. Although the saying goes “two is company and three is a crowd,” momma is taking great care of her crowd, and loves her little trio.


We surely did not have to travel to London to find our new girl, Piccadilly. This sweet Calico showed up at a trailer park and was brought to safety as she was clearly not making it well on her own. Her markings will surely shine through now that she has time to bathe herself properly, since she will no longer be traveling to find food or shelter.


When you hear the name Rex, you think of a rough and tough macho guy that can withstand almost anything. Well, our guy came to us due to some bladder issues that his owner was no longer able to manage. This guy has had several surgeries to help with his situation and is surely on the road to recovery under our watch. He is definitely macho due to his fortitude to recover, but he is anything but rough and tough and continues to get stronger every day in our vet room.