SydneyThank goodness Lauren S. rescued Sydney from the same site, outside a Kentucky restaurant, as Blair, Boo, and Bates. At first look, it appeared she may have been pregnant so she went into immediate foster care with the loving Slocum family.

Her first vet visit indicated that she is not pregnant, and she got to enjoy the fun of the holidays at home and will come to STAF when ready!


We were contacted by “Cats Meow Rescue” about an FIV positive cat with a broken leg at Tri-County Animal Shelter in Clearfield, Kentucky that was going to be euthanized.

We agreed to accept Sofie, a very sweet bobtail calico that we will treat as our very own and she will have a wonderful opportunity for a second chance!


HollyAnd how could we get through the Christmas season without a cat named Holly? Lauren S. took a call from Red Bank Veterinary Hospital about a cat that was brought to them by a good Samaritan who thought the cat had a broken jaw.

After examination and treatment was administered, we learned that instead of a broken jaw, Holly had the right lower canine piercing her lip and she was unable to close her mouth. This beautiful and sweet girl is still receiving some protocols in the Vet Room, but she is definitely accepting the gifts of love from all volunteers!


Volunteer Laurel was contacted by a woman in her neighborhood who was feeding Roscoe and Angela for some time. They would not be able to survive the winter living outside, so we were able to help bring them in. These two sweet cats are about 3 years in age and hopefully, they will make their way into the hearts of someone with a sofa for two!

Roscoe Angela


Jackson came directly from being rescued at a vet’s office and since he tested FeLV positive, they were not able to find him a home.

If you ever want to meet an adorable, sweet, and gentle version of our late Scamper, this guy, with the beautiful black coat is the one!


AlonsoIf you have never seen a gray marshmallow in real life, you have to meet Alonso! We were contacted by the Humane Society Animal League for Life of Madison County in Richmond, Kentucky about a sweet gray male cat that tested positive for both FIV and FeLV. Since they cannot house FeLV positive cats, we welcomed him to STAF.

This big boy is currently in the Vet Room as he begins his protocols, so our volunteers will be stopping by to give him lots of pets on his big cheeks. He is quite a big guy and surely he must have been out staking his territory, but now that he is with us, he will be looking for love in all the right places!


Another cat brought to the door that was found at a gas station by a young lady. Stormy came in with a blast as we were not even able to determine whether she was a male or a female until her first vet visit. She is scheduled for her spay surgery and we are slowly trying to teach her that we always have calm, sunny skies at STAF!


TicoJess S. had been feeding a thin orange and white, unneutered male cat that showed up in her neighborhood. After realizing no one was claiming him, we were happy to accept Tico since this sweet and lovely boy will surely make a wonderful pet in a home.

Our volunteers are happily swooning over Tico and are enjoying spending lots of quality time with him!


BabsWhen a kind Samaritan was filling their gas tank at the Speedway in Rookwood, they were probably not expecting to find a cat at the station. Babs was brought to the door at STAF and of course, we accepted her.

After just a day or two with us, we noticed she was breathing heavily, so she was taken to the vet for examination. This poor girl was diagnosed with a mild bronchial pattern and food bloat, so we are now treating her accordingly. We have scheduled her spay surgery and after a few weeks with us, she will realize that she will never be in search of anything and her biggest decision of the day will be which comfy bed to lie in!


When the Slocum family was out for pizza night at Donatos, they were not expecting to see cats looking for food outside of the restaurant. The employees told Lauren that these young cats were dumped several weeks prior and thankfully, Lauren’s family went back several days in a row to trap them. So far, the take-out order has included Paisley, Paris, and Popcorn, and in customary Slocum style, these cats are in the comforts of a loving foster home. Thank you, Slocum’s!

Paisley Paris Popcorn


MilaWe know that every member of the Slocum family is an animal lover, so when Lauren’s cousin asked for help with a stray roaming the neighborhood, there was no doubt we wanted to help. Lauren captured Mila who has a left tipped ear, but has a nasty ruptured abscess on her neck.

Lauren had been medically treating Mila at home as a part of her foster care, until her first vet visit. Thank you again, Slocum family!


Phoenix was born with moderate to severe Cerebellar Hypoplasia. She shakes more when agitated/excited but has no history of seizures. Her head tremors are not severe enough to prevent her from eating, drinking, or playing. She uses a pee pad, not a litter box – she moves toward the pad and seems to have some sense of when she needs to eliminate.

Care Corps has already gotten to know her and Jeff reports that she loves to be held and given lots of attention. We welcome this little ball of sunshine!


You haven’t met them yet, but STAF volunteer Jess S. graciously offered to foster four kittens, Bilbo, Pipin, Frodo and Rosie, that were brought in. These 8-week-old kittens showed up in a dog volunteer’s yard and while they were very scared, they were friendly and did not belong outside. It is no fictional tale that these hobbits would not have fared well in the reality of outside living, so with a new chance for a wonderful beginning to the story, they are now living a life of fantasy. Thank you, Jess!

Bilbo Pippin Frodo Rosie


Our volunteer, Tina, got a call from a neighbor asking about intake for the cat of her deceased sister. Baby is 8-9 years old, shy, healthy, front-declawed, and has always been indoors. We were happy to welcome Baby to our STAF family since she surely deserves the chance for another home. Our volunteers are letting Baby know that we are sorry for her loss, but she is our gain!


GeorgeIf you want to spend time with one of the most handsome, loving, and amazing souls ever, you must meet 2-year-old George, FIV+, in the front hall. This guy came in as a stray from a volunteer’s mother’s home after she brought him in from the streets, but could not keep him.

This guy surely will not be with us for very long since he will capture the heart of someone who wants a big black and white marshmallow to call their own.


It is always so difficult when pets lose their owners due to failing health. Rafiki, Zazu, and Kiara, all ranging in age between 4-5 were welcomed since their owner could no longer care for them. It seems that Rafiki and Kiara have transitioned more easily than Zazu, but we know this beautiful girl will come around as soon as she realizes that she has so many new volunteer friends at STAF.

Rafiki Zazu Kiara


With a name like Love, she has to be incredible! This beautiful white and grey spotted girl exudes feelings of adoration and she is currently in the Vet Room so please make your way to meet her if you haven’t already. She will surely be the love of someone’s life as soon as she is ready to go.