Say hello to our Recent Rescues!

Because of our generous supporters, STAF is able to rescue over 350 animals per year.

You can help STAF rescue Just One More by donating to our Medical Fund today. Thank you for your support!


Posh and Luxe are eight-month-old sweet girls who also came from the Walton, Kentucky site. Posh required spay surgery soon after her arrival since she was eliminating bloody mucus. We learned that she was suffering from pyometra, an infection in her uterus which could have caused dire circumstances had she not been rescued.

Our dear girl Luxe was hospitalized for URI symptoms and during her stay at the vet, we learned that she is pregnant so she will be living the life of luxury with Lauren in foster care. Thank you again, Lauren!


Arthur was from Adam’s County, brought to the door by his owner who wasn’t allowed to have a cat in the apartment. At just a year old, he got off to a difficult start since he was slow to adjust, and soon he became sick, requiring hospitalization at the vet.

We are hoping to get him warmed up and feeling better now that he is settled back in with us!


Robert, approximately one year old, came in from the Covington TNR site. Since he tested FIV positive, he could not be returned.

Not to mention the fact that this sweet boy surely deserves a chance for a proper home!


Strutting their stuff in a trailer park in Walton, Kentucky, Vogue and babies, Versace, Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Armani, were all rescued by Lauren who is working on TNR efforts at this site. It seems it has not been considered current to spay/neuter, and we are helping to reverse this trend!

Thank you, Lauren and family, for fostering mama and her babies, and working through some of the health issues they are facing.


Thank you, Jess, for fostering mama Bombay and her three babies, Mumbai, Surat, and Kochi, all from the Walton site. These black beauties will flourish, and we know they will evolve into a group of STAF (designer) “Ebony Sleeks!”


When someone came to the door inquiring about a dog, they asked if we knew there were two cats in carriers across from the door.

There was no note with Kiki and Gimli, but we’ve certainly learned how amazingly sweet and friendly they are!


Wandering the streets in Northside, the couple who rescued five-year-old Calista could not keep her. She is a beautiful girl with a strong personality.

We are going slowly with her as we sort through her medical needs, as shortly after her arrival, she became jaundiced and required hospitalization. She does like her food, so we are hoping she will realize that we are the friends feeding her!


Harlequin and Mystique are both young females rescued from the Covington site. These two ladies are not masking the fact that they’re still a bit tentative and shy with us, but after receiving lots of reassurance from our volunteers, socialization will surely be demystified.


Boba, at about four years old, came in from a TNR site in Price Hill. She also tested FIV positive, so she could not be returned.

Since we learned that she was out there producing litter after litter, we are finally putting an end to her reproduction of more homeless kitties! Once she gets a little more confident, she will trust us and she will be a little less starchy.


Mimosa is the Mom cat of Champagne, Bubbles, Blossom, Clover, and Honey, whose owner went into hospice. 

She is young enough at just one year old to learn that with lots of socialization from our volunteers, she can enjoy lots of indulgence with us humans.


One year old Olive and her four-week-old babies, Dieter, Wolfgang, Lola, Isa, and Bastian, all went directly into Paige’s loving foster home. Little Bastian required emergency care due to a prolapsed rectum, but fortunately, he is coming along and is now doing well.

Thank you, Paige, for all your care!


Thank you, Essi, for fostering Venus, Vega, Astro, Cosmo, Galaxy, Eclipse, Apollo, Orion, Meteor, and Equinox, all from a TNR site in Covington. It seems that little Nova (from another site), fits right into the group and soon all will realize they have reached new heights of fortune in your loving foster galaxy.

ALANA & COQUIAlana and Coqui

These sweet 5-month-old babies – sister Alana and brother Coqui (darker face) – came to us from Estill County Animal Shelter in KY.

They are still a little shy but we know they will blossom in no time at STAF!


Willow (2-3 year-old Border Collie mix) came to us from Pat at Love of Paws. She was surrendered with a tail injury, and when they got to the vet she immediately started having puppies! She gave birth to 13 puppies, and after nursing them for 8 weeks, they went off to a rescue in Chicago and sweet, gentle Willow came to us.

Willow had to have surgery on her tail as it appeared to have been cut, but she is all healed up and ready to find her forever home!


Hadley, an approximately 2-year-old very gentle and loving Boxer mix, came to us from Love of Paws rescue. After having a litter of 7 pups, she had been chained to a dog house and left outside with her puppies in dangerously cold winter weather. A local rescue stepped in, got all the puppies adopted, and Love of Paws took in Hadley, who subsequently made her way to us!


Truffles (about 2 years old and a Weimaraner mix) was found chained by a tractor and left to die. She became part of a court case and stayed at a local shelter for several months, and after the case was settled she was taken in by Pat at Love of Paws.

Truffles was very thin and malnourished, but Pat nursed Truffles back to health and now we have this sweet, beautiful girl!


Alfredo came to us after being dumped on a country road in Kentucky and taken to Pat of Love of Paws, who got him to us.

He’s spunky, about 3 years old, 40lbs, and a “lowrider;” he’s got short little legs and a long body!