Say hello to our Recent Rescues!

Because of our generous supporters, STAF is able to rescue over 350 animals per year.

You can help STAF rescue Just One More by donating to our Medical Fund today. Thank you for your support!


When volunteer Carolyn K. went on a family outing at Jefferson Woods, she was not expecting to run into any cats.

Thank goodness she saw 7-year-old Peanut wandering the grounds and she was able to bring her to safety!

MAUDE, FERN, PIP, & WRENmaude, fern, pip, and wren

A neighbor of a volunteer asked about intake for a stray mama with her three 6-7 week old babies.

We are very grateful that Kara opened her loving home to foster care for mama Maude and her babies, Fern, Pip, and Wren.

JEFF & JAMESJeff and James

Jeff and James were found in the middle of the street by a friend of a volunteer.

At just 5-6 weeks old, they immediately went into foster care at Essi’s house and surely they are romping and playing with their new buddy, Diego. Jeff and James call him Jiego since they think it’s really cool to have a name that starts with “J.”


What was a four-week-old kitten, Diego, doing wandering down Harrison Avenue?

Thank you, Essi, for immediately accepting him into your loving foster home where he will get to experience lots of kitten fun!


Heidi, a beautiful and feminine tabby and white girl, was dropped off at the door.

We may not know much about her history, but at about one year old, she is creating a new chapter in her life among all her friends at STAF!


Bub came in due to the fact that his owner was having health issues and could not care for him.

He is a one-year-old, intact male that is very happy to have our care, and we are very happy to give him a lot of love. 


Indiana Jones, at just 17 weeks, has already lived a lifetime of adventure.

We learned that he came from a TNR group in Indiana, but when it was time for his neuter, his serious health issues precluded this, and he needed to go into immediate foster care with Holly I. and her team of helpers.


Dylan, a very sick 8-week-old kitten was brought to the door and Essi immediately rushed him to the vet.

We are currently sorting through his medical issues and with all of his special needs, we are so thankful to the Slocum family for welcoming him into their loving foster home.


What was 5-month-old Melody doing by the Ohio River? Thank goodness this little cutie was rescued and brought to safety with us.

She was pretty quiet when she first came in, but now she sings with happiness all day long!


Where is Waldo? He is at STAF and currently convalescing in the Vet Room as we get to know and manage his health conditions. When this handsome twelve year old was brought in having been a stray, he was extremely dehydrated and he needed hospitalization.

We are addressing some of his health concerns and hoping to build him back to the strong guy he surely once was. He is very sweet and loves visitors, so our volunteers are giving him lots of encouragement.

TAYLOR, OTTO, SAWYER, LAUREL, & EDENSawyer, Otto, Laurel, Eden, Taylor

Taylor, Otto, Sawyer, Laurel, and Eden, five-week-old kittens, were all left to swelter and perish in containment under the Purple People Bridge. Thank goodness, once a first responder, always a first responder, as our very own Don L. went to them as soon as was told they were there, and he brought them to safety.

Thank you, Cheryl and Don, for giving them an amazing start in their young lives as they are in your loving foster home!


And speaking of rescuers, we can never say thank you enough to the Slocum family for going to the rescue for those in need. When Lauren learned that an eleven week old kitten, Saffron, had been thrown in the dumpster, she pulled that baby to safety.

This little orange ball of sunshine has an umbilical hernia that will be fixed as soon as she is old enough for her spay surgery. In the meantime, you guessed it, she is living the fun life in loving foster care with the Slocum family!

MONA & EMPRESSMona-Empress

Mona and Empress are both two years of age and FeLV positive.

They came in from His Eye Is On The Sparrow, a rescue group that was not able to keep these two sweet, beautiful cats.