Penelope (see story below), who is in foster care with Lauren S., delivered four healthy kittens in July. Liberty, Lincoln, Tabitha, and Eleanor were born during the day and all are tabbies.

As always, Lauren’s kids get naming rights and Penelope seemed to know that she should provide one baby for each of Lauren’s babies!


A mama cat and her two kittens were brought to the door after having been found by a good Samaritan in a box outside. Apparently, the rescuer realized that these little mushrooms, Shiitake, Porcini, and Button are special delicacies and now that we know Shiitake is FeLV positive, she will require even more special care. Porcini and Button are in their loving foster home where they are sprouting and growing every day!

Shiitake Porcini Button


Jennifer S. contacted us about her sweet 9-week-old kitten that tested FeLV positive. She could not keep him since she had another cat. This special cutie is just using STAF as a stepping stone on his way to his fabulous forever home since our amazing Adoption Committee has already located Scout’s home with some other lucky FeLV residents.


Ember-KittensThe light was shining brightly as foster mama Cathy O. made sure that mama Ember delivered her beautiful babies, Edwin, Evelyn, Eamonn, and Emmett in their loving foster home.

Ember is surely grateful to volunteer Jaye for rescuing her from the streets of Augusta, Kentucky. Although Ember is a wonderful mama, she is happy that this is her last litter!


We were contacted by a man who said his daughter was allergic to their 6-year-old cat, Pluto, s0 we welcomed this handsome 17-pound, front-declawed boy!

Knowing he is a family guy, and a bit shy despite his stately appearance, we want him to know that we will go to the moon to try to find him a new home!


PicatsoMarianne got a call from a resident at a trailer park in Loveland. A cat had been hanging around for four days and was not eating or drinking. We agreed to take the cat and Marianne picked him up immediately (thank you, Marianne).

Picatso is an underweight, sweet boy in the vet room and after examination at the vet, we know that this young FIV boy desperately needs a dental for his Grade 3 mouth. We need to build him up a bit before we can relieve his pain, and our volunteers are letting him know he is in good hands with us.

Kaitlynn-KittensKAITLYNN & KITTENS

Former volunteer Valerie asked for help with sweet mama cat Kaitlynn and her three kittens Kiki, Kirby, and Kora that her friend rescued.

The kittens went directly into foster care with Marianne, but Kaitlynn is in the Vet Room looking for visitors.


HamletCeliaTwo women inside Children’s Theatre saw two kittens walk by and caught one that they brought to the door. When some of our amazing STAF volunteers learned that there was still one out there, the drama unfolded as they set up camp in the early evening to capture her. Thank goodness, she was brought to safety and now Hamlet is together with Celia as they are both now in a loving foster home.


It is no wonder that little Trevor is yelling for attention as often as he can. Thank goodness a lady noticed that he was left behind when the neighbors moved away.

She was feeding him outside, but she could not keep him since her son was allergic. We are spending extra time with him and letting him know that we hear him, and we love him!


BaileyDollyVolunteer Leah B. asked us to take two cats that belonged to a friend of her mother that passed away in Michigan. Bailey (DLH gray/white male, age 5) and Dolly, (DSH brown marbled tabby/white female, age 10).

Both are friendly, and happy to make your acquaintance. PS, if you happen to have a little extra time to stay and chat, Bailey has a lot to say!


Gene-CordeliaVolunteer Linda H. made us aware of a terrible hoarding situation. A woman moved away and left 20 cats behind. Since we could not take them all, we agreed to help the ones in the most immediate need. We took one that was “pregnant” at the shelter and “a nursing momma and her 6 kittens” went directly to Linda’s loving foster home.

G Kittens After everyone was settled in, we learned that Cordelia was not actually pregnant and the nursing momma, Gene, really was a boy, so he is in a large crate at the shelter, and the 6 kittens, Gomez, Gizzy, Gibbs, Grace, Gordy, and Gypsie are getting a wonderful start in life as they romp then rest in their playland at Linda’s house. Thank you, Linda, for rescuing and saving so many lives!


When a man showed up at the door with 4-year-old Piper, we certainly welcomed this beautiful girl.

We know with her winning personality, she will surely have many followers!


TacoWhen the doorbell rang at STAF, we thought someone had requested DoorDash from Taco Bell. However, we did not get any food, but we got an adorable, young, unneutered male kitty.

We quickly learned that Taco is truly an incredible treat! He is currently in the Vet Room at STAF as he is going through his protocols, and we’re sure he will be adopted as quickly as you can place an order at the drive through!


StellaStarlightThe family of a cat owner who died contacted us about his two 15-month-old, spayed females that needed a new home.

Stella and Starlight are currently in a hall playpen at STAF and have won the hearts of many as there is no limit to their shiny personalities!


When a kind Samaritan saw that her neighbor moved away and left Penelope behind, she took her into her home. Then, when the kind woman took Penelope to the vet to be spayed, she found out that Penelope was pregnant and she was not able to properly care for this momma cat. Thank goodness, the family has graciously invited Penelope into their home so she can deliver her babies with all of the love and proper care she deserves. Thank you again!


NeekoNeeko is an 8-month-old hound/pit who came to his current family while they were walking their STAF alum, Meg (FKA Mae). Neeko’s family told them that they were going to just dump him in the woods if no one would take him. So Meg’s family took him in, got all of his shots, and had him neutered. He is an energetic puppy and they have an older dachshund who Neeko would try to play with. The older dog did not like this so the family contacted STAF to see if we could take Neeko. That sweet face is telling us that he just wants to be loved and will give as much love as he can in return!


We all thought of Cicada season as an annoyance, and we could not wait until the pesky bugs were gone. However, when our little tabby girl flew into the shelter, brought by a lady who showed up at the door with this adorable 8-week-old kitten, Cadie was with us to stay.

Cadie is flying around the family’s household then landing on daddy Dave’s chest as he does his computer work, and from what we can tell, she surely is a welcome guest!


AshEmber When volunteer Jaye contacted us about helping a momma in Augusta, Kentucky, that had been having multiple litters and could possibly be pregnant again, we knew we had to stop the cycle and offer help!

Ember and Ash went immediately into the loving foster care of Jess S., and now that we have gotten confirmation that Ember is indeed pregnant, Cathy O. graciously received her orange basketball and is awaiting the arrival of her family. Ember is spending her days lounging in bed and it should not be too much longer before the arrival of her kittens will spark more love! 


Another friendly stray cat in Augusta, Kentucky, was taken in by friends of Jaye’s and was living in their garage. This beautiful 5-year-old girl named Poppy must have had a home at one point since she was always looking for a lap in which to lay, and she definitely had no survival instincts to fend for herself. She is now safely in the vet room receiving her protocols, and she will soon be looking for her permanent lap!


Sahara No longer in the desert of desertion, Sahara was rescued from the same location in Augusta, Kentucky.

She went directly to the loving foster home of Jess S, where her eye infections are being treated and she can get the start in life she needs for a clear view to her bright future!