Volunteers Julie A. and Barb C. rescued 11-month-old Madison from the Kenwood area as she was walking about as a stray.

She is extremely sweet and loves lots of attention, so make your acquaintance in the Vet Room with her soon!


CaspurrWe received an email from a man that said he could not keep Caspurr and so he was planning to put his front-declawed cat outside if no one would take him. We immediately agreed to take him!

According to this man, Caspurr is about 3 1/2 years old, he had him since he was a kitten, was neutered and had the surgery called a “perineal urethrostomy,” to widen his urethra due to a blockage and persistent issues with his urinary tract. There is no doubt that this sweet, but very scared, big, buff boy will be on the right track with us!


Annie-JojoJojo and Annie are sisters, both sweet and shy at 9-years-old. Sadly, they lost their home due to their owner’s declining health.

We are sorting through their health issues and trying to make them feel welcome so they know we are here to love them and take care of them!


DiorThank you Lauren S. for rescuing one-year-old Dior from the Northern Kentucky Sanitation District where she was left to fend for herself about a month ago. She was being fed by an employee there and finally, she was trapped and brought to safety with us.

Dior is in a large cage in the middle hall, and we are going very slowly with her since she is extremely scared and tentative about humans. Signs say, “cleaned and fed by MMT or Medicators only!” For now, our girl is just exhibiting her reserved cattitude, but we know she will come around in high-style!


We welcomed 4 1/2-month-old Petunia from PAWS in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, because she has a spinal injury and needs to be expressed to urinate, although we are told she does dribble a bit.

She is an adorable little black kitten with a sweet and loving personality and we are so happy to provide her with everything she needs!


Oatmeal-WafflesThank you Lauren S. for rescuing 2-5 year-old siblings Oatmeal (female) and Waffles (male), living outside of the Doubletree Hotel at the Cincinnati airport. Good grief! Did someone skip town, take a flight, and just figure they could rent a room on their own???

They are both adorable and they are learning every day that they indeed have a room with us for as long as they need one!


We were asked to take sweet FeLV positive, two-year-old boy Royal from The Tammy Roush Animal Rescue of Southern Illinois.

He certainly traveled from afar to bring us his divine looks and sweet personality, and we are honored to have his majesty among us!


StellaA friend of Lauren’s husband’s aunt had been feeding a friendly, young female stray in Northern Kentucky for several weeks. It seemed that she did not belong to anyone and the fur on her tail was missing, and it was getting worse until the tail was nearly bald.

Knowing that sweet Stella could not fend for herself, we certainly wanted to bring her in for respite and care. She’s currently in the Vet Room and is accepting visitors, although it seems she is rather selective and may give a few hisses if you go too fast.


And, what was Winnie doing roaming around on her own in Winton Woods?

This beautiful, adorable, sweet, buff and white, one-year-old girl will be someone’s special “poo-bear” in no time!


ShaftWhen a woman showed up at the door saying she needed to place a stray that was living on the streets, there was no doubt that 6-year-old Shaft needed a place to call home. He is a magnificent tuxedo boy with HUGE cheeks due to being an unfixed FIV male, and he is gaining his confidence with us every day.

We have learned that he indeed has some serious health issues and as soon as we can get him stabilized, he will receive treatments. This guy is a tempting lovebug, but go slowly, since he is accustomed to being large and in charge.