When this young orange tabby/white, neutered male with a left ear tip was found on the soccer field at St. Henry District High School, he was a Striker. Since he bore no resemblance to anyone else on the field, his playing days were transferred to the games indoors!


SunshineA friend of Taunja’s was caring for two-year-old Sunshine and her four kittens after finding them under her deck. She kindly took them in but has fallen ill and can no longer care for them, especially in addition to her other cats.

Thank you, Jess, for taking them to your loving foster home. Forecast says there will only be beautiful and bright days ahead for Mantis, Groot, Rocket and Valkyrie.

Love and ThunderLOVE & THUNDER

Love and Thunder were two 10 oz. kittens found in the city by two boys who brought them to the door. They both had URIs and low temperatures upon arrival so they were rushed to GVH for evaluation. Thank you, Jess, for taking them directly to your loving home for around-the-clock nursing care!


SilverSilver came in just in time for the Wednesday vet run. His mother, Nina, came in recently with a younger litter of kittens, Loki and Gamora, fostered by Jess S., but Silver came from Nina’s previous litter – he’s about six months old. He was not thriving and required medical care that his owner could not provide. He was not eating, drinking, or playing and based on his vet visit, he indeed has some medical issues that we are addressing. With our TLC, he will be shining in no time!


We agreed to accept 1-year, 2-month-old Otis since he was not thriving in his home.

This adorable young boy is sweet, friendly, and loves attention, so please stop by the Vet Room to visit and let him know he has plenty of friends!


NinaGamora-LokiA woman in West Chester needed help since her landlord told her she was no longer allowed to feed the 9-month-old stray mama, Nina, and her two kittens, Loki and Gamora.

Thank you, Marianne, for trapping and bringing this little family to safety. Nina is in the Vet Room getting to know us and her two kittens are in the loving (new) home of Jess’s.


NalaWhen volunteer Mia M.’s brother found 8-month-old Nala wandering the streets in Sabina, we were glad we could take this sweetie off the streets. Thank goodness she was not pregnant, nor will she ever be!

Thank goodness Karyn S. was able to rescue her and bring her home to her loving castle where she will enjoy being treated like a little princess!


ElizabethElizabeth was brought to the door one evening by a woman who said she found her on Kenwood Rd.

It appeared that our 24-week-old kitten had a wound on her side that is healing after treatment. And now she is enjoying her regal status as a little Queen with all her new volunteer admirers!


What was this 8-week-old royal kitten Lilibet doing under a truck at Kings Island?

Thank goodness Karyn S. was able to rescue her and bring her home to her loving castle where she will enjoy being treated like a little princess!


AvaAva is the mama of the Top Gun litter, and also of Sadie and Shiloh. Lauren’s contact at the RV park was finally able to trap her and since it seemed that Ava could have been pregnant again, she went right to the vet to see if she was.

Not surprisingly, our 1-year, 8-month-old mama was pregnant and she delivered 4 kittens again just two weeks ago; two grey, one buff, and one white (pictures and names to come). There will be no more “camping out” with boys for this girl!


Wow, wow, wow! Our big guy Tank was brought to the door wearing a pink rhinestone collar and we were told that “she” was going to deliver her babies at any time. Thank goodness, after he was examined it was determined that “she” was in fact a three-year-old, great big, macho, buff boy!


If you are wondering about the beauty of nature, just ask one-year-old Acadia and her 3-week-old kittens, Teton, Rainier, Yosemite, Cascades, Zion, and Glacier; all of whom are camping out at the Slocum family residence. This mama and her babies were wandering around an RV Park scrounging for food when Lauren scooped them up and brought them to her loving home. They were so hungry and so appreciative, they purred endlessly as they gobbled up their first few meals. Thankfully, they now know that camping really means fun, folly, food, frolicking, and plenty of fare!