At least when Marley’s owner knew he was moving, he found respite for this amazing man. He showed up at the door and said he was moving that day and could not take his cat of two years. Marley is a stunning Siamese guy that is still a bit on the shy side, but with lots of encouragement and attention, his gorgeous blue eyes will be gleaming at you in no time!


A mother contacted us about her late daughter’s cat, April, that she’d been caring for since 2016. She was unexpectedly moving and could not take April with her. April had been adopted from a pet store 11 1/2 years ago as a kitten and she tragically lost her person, Meghan, as Meghan passed away at such a young age. We have already given April a warm welcome and let her know that we adore her just as much as Meghan did and she will always have a place to call home.


Robin and Raven were both from the Rainbow site where some of our volunteers have been feeding for many years. These two girls are currently in the middle hall as they are going through their protocols and they can really use some help with their socialization skills. Since they came from a rough life of living behind a car wash for years, they will need some time to get to know us before they realize they will forever have a squeaky clean life of leisure indoors.


She is not just a tv personality! Farrah is a real life laid-back beauty that was brought to the door by an apartment manager since her tenant moved away and left her behind.

If you have not already met our adorable superstar, please make your acquaintance with this lovely lady as she goes through her new arrival protocols debuting at STAF!


Thank goodness volunteer Karyn was quick to rescue Pokey from the Kings Island Amusement Park! This gorgeous 2-year-old neutered male was found wandering the park and since that is not fun and games for a cat, he can now romp and play appropriately with his volunteer friends at STAF. With his wonderful personality, it surely won’t be long before he is finding fun in his forever home!


STAF volunteer Marianne advised that there was a colony feeder concerned about a cat with a very bad eye, scabby skin, and in overall, rough shape. Of course we wanted to help Captain and he was whisked off to the vet immediately upon arrival at STAF.

After his examination, it was determined that Captain will need to have his eye removed (the surgery is scheduled) and we are hoping he will remain negative as his first combo test has indicated. This fabulous beige man is incredibly sweet and affectionate and if you are not sure how to make biscuits in bed, he is definitely the captain of that ship!


We accepted Orion at the door when a family brought him to us stating that they were moving to Chicago that day. Although we hardly knew his personality would be so grand, he truly is one of the most prominent and visible constellations (oops, I mean kitties) in the Vet Room. And, he really is one of the sweetest and cutest kittens in the universe!


STAF volunteer Marianne got a call from Lake Shore Estates Trailer Park about a tame neutered cat being fed there for years that had lost about half of his body weight. He was pawing at this mouth and was no longer able to eat canned food. Of course, we agreed to help and welcomed Marty. 

At a slight 5 1/2 pounds at the time of rescue and admission for hospitalization, Marty has already gained 1 1/2 pounds since being with us, and we are trying to beef him up so he can get his much needed dental surgery. He is still anemic and requires a protocol of daily meds and feedings, but we are hoping in true STAF style, Marty will be ready to party after just a few more months of special care.


A warm welcome to Snappy, Webby, and Callie, all from the Clermont Animal CARE Humane Society. As this facility has reached out to the rescue community, STAF volunteer Debora met with the manager at this facility and we accepted three of the most at-risk cats in need of STAF’s help since they are going back to being a kill shelter after the new year. 

Snappy is a sweet orange tabby, 1-2 years old, with a broken pelvis and missing right rear leg. He was found injured, probably hit by a car. He needs bed rest to recover from his broken pelvis, and his leg was amputated during surgery prior to coming to STAF. The good news is that he has already shown significant improvement since being with us and he is expected to make a full recovery. There is little question that he will snap right back to wonderful health!

Webby is a friendly grey/white, 10-year-old female, found outside in mid-July covered with cobwebs. She weighed around five pounds then, and has gained about two pounds since.

Webby has chronic elimination issues and a possible abdominal mass with sensitivity in this area. We don’t know how much time Webby will give us, but we know for sure that the only web she will be covered in, is a huge web of love from our STAF volunteers.

Callie was surrendered to them on 10/8/20 from a hoarding situation–severely malnourished, dehydrated, matted and covered with fleas. She has been to our vet for evaluation, where her age was estimated at 12 and we are addressing her chronic diarrhea issues with appropriate protocols. Her name means beautiful and her soul means sweet!