The month started with a wonderful (unaltered) momma and daddy, Martin and Marie, along with kittens, Munchkin, Mikey, and Mara, rescued straight from the backyard of a home that was more like a junkyard. Once again, Marianne led the way by trapping this family one by one. We have since learned that Martin is FIV positive and he is still convalescing from a leg injury. Marie is getting overtime hours from our Care Corps Team since she has taken longer to warm up and is still very shy. Thank you to Linda for welcoming the three kittens into her loving foster home, although they are also taking some time to learn that humans can be trusted. Now that we can clearly see this precious family, STAF has cleared the path for a wonderful future!

M Family


GarthBrooksThe dappled, little cutie is Garth, and he was given up because, as the story goes, some bad people moved in next door and the owners were afraid they would harm their pets. Brooks was given up because he had a three prong fishing hook caught in his jaw and had to have surgery. We can only assume his owners did not want to pay for surgery, because they gave him to a vet tech. She is the one who took care of his surgery, had him neutered, and given vaccines. Both are small and under a year old. Welcome to STAF, you little country cuties!


We welcomed Heidi (age 7) and her two sons, Heinz, and Hans from the same home where Emerald, Ricky, Taffy, Skechers, Sneakers, and the late Nike were all residing. These three were living outside and, knowing the house would soon be sold, we could not leave them behind. These three friendly cats are waiting to meet you and although they are a bit shy, they will warm up in no time!

Heidi, Heinz, Hans


EllieEllie came to STAF as a rescue from a county shelter in Kentucky that was on red alert for needing assistance with rescuing the many dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens that had recently come through their doors.

Ellie is a 3-year-old Tripod and is missing her right back leg. We know that dogs can do quite well with only three legs, and we couldn’t leave her behind. She was an owner surrender and is a sweet girl.


You won’t meet a sweeter guy than our big, long-haired male, Arnold. He was brought to the door by someone who said he was found curled up in some bushes. After going to the vet for an exam, we are addressing his lame back end with support care, and he will be seeing the surgeon for an appointment to see exactly where he stands!



We agreed to bring in Nigel since the kind man who took him in back in January from a neighbor who no longer wanted him, could no longer keep him.

This handsome 2-year-old boy is a very lovable guy and we are so happy to spoil him so he knows how much he is deserving of love!


Barley is a handsome, 1-year-old pup who was rescued from a county shelter in Kentucky that was in dire need of rescue help. He was an owner surrender who is a sweet, playful boy, and good with other dogs. Barley was adopted from the shelter and soon after was returned because his new owners are moving to a location that does not allow him.



Rough looking upon arrival, Monty was rescued and brought to STAF by two Madeira firefighters. We have learned that this (unneutered) guy has tested FIV positive, and as soon as he is healthy enough, he will get his neuter. In the meantime, he is the sweetest, gentlest guy with all his volunteer friends and we are surely glad the firemen got him down from the roof and he landed at STAF!


CoffeeBeanThere was no doubt that Coffee and Bean were the full-flavored blend upon arrival at STAF! When their (homeless) owner showed up at the door and pointed to his car, from where they were all living, there was no doubt we had to bring them in. Bean (on right) was definitely able to give us a jolt and Coffee (on left) was the more mild of the two, but both have settled into their Vet Room apartments and will surely be the perfect accompaniment in any home as soon as they are finished with their protocols.