Say hello to our Recent Rescues!

Because of our generous supporters, STAF is able to rescue over 350 animals per year.

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Welcome to Salem, Simon, and Stanley, who are friendly, but scared/shy, neutered males, brought in by a young woman who was moving in with her mother (who is allergic to cats). These three boys are young, sweet, and will be ready for wonderful homes, once again!


Apricot was brought to the door, found on the streets as a stray wandering. Her rescuers could not keep her so this pregnant mama went immediately into foster care.

Apricot delivered four babies, but sadly, two of them passed away early on. Thank goodness, mama and her surviving babies are reportedly doing well.


Tea for two? No, tea for seven! Thank you, Natalie, for rescuing (pregnant) Tea and these malnourished, sick, 5-week-old babies from a neighborhood in Price Hill. 

Oolong, Nettle, Earl Grey, Kava, Sencha, Matcha, and Dandelion have already turned the corner while receiving much-needed eye medications, antibiotics, and proper nutrition to help them thrive. The (tea) parties will become a regular tradition once they start feeling better, and mama will be delivering her new family in a loving foster home.


Some of our intake circumstances defy our true belief! Whitney’s story is one such story. She was brought to the door after being trapped in an attic; she was living with squirrels in the attic.

At 8 years old, we are not really sure of her past, but we can guarantee that her future will be full of beautiful songs!


Thank you to Michelle for welcoming 6-week-old Sam, Chloe, and Marcus into your loving foster home. These three tiny kittens were found in the Clifton area abandoned with no mama cat.


Wow! They surely don’t come any sweeter or cuter than 10-month-old Abbie! This beautiful long-haired Calico showed up outside the house of two volunteers, so we are very grateful that she is no longer on her own, since no owner was located.

And ditto for 10-month-old Caviar. These two kitties knew where to show up for their best chances to be considered treasured treats!


Obi-Wan, Padme, Ahsoka, and Anakin were brought to the door by a woman and her children. We accepted them and explained that there are low-cost spay facilities right here in our own galaxy, so she must get her female fixed!

REMINGTONclose up of Remington's face

It seems that there are some pretty smart cats that show up at volunteer’s homes.

Remington showed up at one of our volunteer’s home in Indiana, and since finding an owner did not pan out, this handsome 1-year-old boy will no longer be roaming the streets.


Thank you to Amy for rescuing malnourished kittens from the dangerous streets in Price Hill. At just 6-weeks-old, Sesame, Caraway, Fennel, and Dill are ready to spice things up with a new life that includes a recipe of only love and care.

ALANA & COQUIAlana and Coqui

These sweet 5-month-old babies – sister Alana and brother Coqui (darker face) – came to us from Estill County Animal Shelter in KY.

They are still a little shy but we know they will blossom in no time at STAF!


Willow (2-3 year-old Border Collie mix) came to us from Pat at Love of Paws. She was surrendered with a tail injury, and when they got to the vet she immediately started having puppies! She gave birth to 13 puppies, and after nursing them for 8 weeks, they went off to a rescue in Chicago and sweet, gentle Willow came to us.

Willow had to have surgery on her tail as it appeared to have been cut, but she is all healed up and ready to find her forever home!


Hadley, an approximately 2-year-old very gentle and loving Boxer mix, came to us from Love of Paws rescue. After having a litter of 7 pups, she had been chained to a dog house and left outside with her puppies in dangerously cold winter weather. A local rescue stepped in, got all the puppies adopted, and Love of Paws took in Hadley, who subsequently made her way to us!


Truffles (about 2 years old and a Weimaraner mix) was found chained by a tractor and left to die. She became part of a court case and stayed at a local shelter for several months, and after the case was settled she was taken in by Pat at Love of Paws.

Truffles was very thin and malnourished, but Pat nursed Truffles back to health and now we have this sweet, beautiful girl!


Alfredo came to us after being dumped on a country road in Kentucky and taken to Pat of Love of Paws, who got him to us.

He’s spunky, about 3 years old, 40lbs, and a “lowrider;” he’s got short little legs and a long body!