We were contacted by Marlene (she brought us Tommy and Biscuit), who does TNR, and she asked if we could take this sweet FIV positive boy that was living in a terrible barn situation.

At about 7 years old, this incredibly sweet boy has a lot of living to do and we are trying to get him built up for what will most likely be a bilateral ear polyp surgery. Dexter absolutely loves as much attention as he can get!


Frenchies in the HammockVolunteer Natalie B’s coworker asked for help with these four kittens that were left behind since their mama died on her farm.

They are already enjoying kittenhood since they will get a wonderful start in life at Essi’s house. Look out Babette, these crazy kittens will give you a run for your money!


BabbetteStephanie K. emailed about a young (14-week-old) kitten with a hernia, dumped near her mother-in-law’s home. They provided flea treatment and took her to the vet, but were not able to keep her.

This adorable girl went directly into Essi’s loving foster home and she is going to be surrounded by the crazy antics of the “Frenchies!”


Chip & DaleThese two approximately 3-week-old black and white kittens, Chip & Dale, were brought to the door and thank goodness, Holly P. rushed them directly to the vet as they were in rough shape. We were not certain if they would make it through the night, but with Holly’s ’round-the-clock care and a vet Holly's New Shoesvisit the next day to ensure Dale was not blocked, they are surely in much better shape than just a few days ago.

It seems they are already learning some play tactics and are particularly interested in mama Holly’s laces and feet! In fact, it looks like Holly got a new pair of designer shoes!


Little DThese two beautiful cats belonged to someone who fell on hard times and was no longer able to care for them. She had them since they were very young and since Little D had been diagnosed with a heart murmur years ago (although, not treated), she came to us not having been spayed. This beautiful 12-year-old girl was very temperamental for the first week and we discovered at her new cat vet visit, she had a very serious issue in her uterus. She just had a large ovarian cyst removed and we are already seeing that she has become much friendlier and amenable to attention. This poor girl was probably in pain!Zoey

We have also learned that Zoey, age 15, has a large lump on her neck and after examination at the vet, we are sending her for further evaluation since lymphoma cannot be ruled out. Both of these lovely ladies are in the Vet Room now and we are hoping to give them lots of love and attention so they can live their senior years with quality time.


TiramisuLori C. emailed about a mama cat and 6-8 week old kittens found by warehouse workers. One took a kitten home, the others were not as friendly and not seen again. Lori could not keep the cat, although she had her spayed and her kids helped socialize her.

Tiramisu is currently in the Vet Room and she is beginning to trust us more and more every day. If you go slow with her, she will definitely allow pets and conversation.


BoVolunteer Leah B. asked about intake for a family friend’s cat whose owner was ill and could no longer care for him. This incredibly handsome, 6-year-old, part Maine Coon, has been with us for a few weeks and he seems to finally be getting more comfortable with us.

Bo is currently in a cage in “Adoption Row,” so with his personality, unique looks, and docile temperament, he will surely catch the eye of someone who cannot resist!


AugustIt truly does not matter what month of the year it is, this guy is totally awesome! And although August was probably a wonderful daddy at the young age of 1 1/2, we didn’t want him wandering about the town of Amelia looking for more females.Percy & Pete

His wife gave birth to 5 kittens in February and mama and 3 babies found homes; leaving Percy and Pete. These two kittens went into the loving foster home of Gabrielle, but since she is currently out of town, they are staying with us (in a cage in Room 16) until she returns. Thank you Gabrielle for joining the Foster Care team this year!