Many cats arrive at the shelter with horribly painful dental disease.  The Tooth Fairy Fund gives them permanent relief thru dental surgery.

Our feline rescue efforts focus on helping cats that have no one – no home, no family, no vet care beyond spay or neuter. Many of them have survived on low quality foods and have been exposed to viruses that impact their immune response and development of their teeth and gums. As a result, many cats come to us with horrible dental disease.

The simple act of trying to eat is painful. We treat all immediately for pain and infection, but the real solution is a “feline dental”: surgery to remove the infected, eroded teeth, and clean the healthy teeth. The result is instant comfort and the ability to eat without pain.

A dental costs approximately $1,000 for a severe case; the cost includes the surgery and hospitalization, pain medication, antibiotics, and follow up check.

Your help means quick & permanent relief!

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