STAF’s 2013 Medical Fund

Thank you for helping us achieve our mission of Rescue, Rehabilitation and ReHoming for cats and dogs in need.  See first hand how your donation can truly make a difference in the lives of these animals and many more each year at STAF.

C-Evander03This is Evander, a big 3-year-old boy who lived in a hard neighborhood. A man had been feeding him since he was a kitten, but Evander lived as a homeless street cat. All his teeth are broken and jagged, his mouth is swollen, and he drools when he eats. But he eats – always like it’s his last meal. His coat and skin are rough with a host of scars. One ear is crumpled flat against his head, the ear canal packed with dirt and debris. He has several BB’s imbedded in his body. Feral? No, he’s so sweet. He loves to be touched.  Read more about this sweet boy! 


New Wrigley PhotoMy name is Wrigley, and I’m the luckiest boy in the world.  Only a few weeks ago, I thought I was a goner. I was a homeless stray in a rural area and accidentally wandered into the road at the wrong time. A kind person found me in the ditch with a badly broken leg, but could only take me to the county shelter. There, I found myself on “death row”, scheduled for euthanasia. Don’t worry, the good part of the story is coming!  Read more about this sweet boy! 


MiraMy name is Mira, short for “miraculous”!  I am 2 years old, and I came to STAF after taking a knock to the head with a bat.  The wallop was hard enough to cause some brain injury and blindness.  At first I couldn’t eat or control my legs, but I wanted to live, wanted to have my life. Read more about this sweet girl! 



Tripper July 21 2013My name is Tripper and I’m eight years old. I came to the shelter this summer from a hoarding and foreclosure situation. Up until recently, I had never seen a vet, never gotten any heartworm or flea preventative, never had a quality food. As you can see, that took quite a toll on my body. I was thin, had lost all my fur due to the fleas, and had badly infected eyes. Things went from bad to worse when my person moved away, leaving me behind.  Read more about this sweet boy! 


C-Timmy02My name is Timmy and I came to STAF in August 2013, just three and a half months old. I lived as a homeless kitten in a trailer park, and had been part of a Trap-Neuter-Release program. The problem was that I had an infection and developed fluid in my chest – I was in the early stages of pneumonia and couldn’t be released. I wouldn’t have made it without any vet care, and there aren’t many options for a little guy like me!  Read more about this sweet boy! 


C-Tiki-n-Twinkie01My name is Twinkie. I came to STAF with my mom, a colony cat, after all my siblings had passed away due to untreated respiratory infections. My condition had turned to pneumonia and it was looking like I was headed for the same fate, but because of your generosity to the Medical Fund, I got the help I needed instead!  Read more about this sweet little girl!